Monk Guardians of the Grave

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Monk Archetypes
Blue Rose Disciples Crimson Way
Guardians of the Grave The Silver Palm

The Guardians of the Grave are a special organization who have swore an oath to protect the order of the universe from the destructive influence of the undead. They do not serve a single deity but do owe special reverance to Ina Po and Ulan. They draw their strengths from all deities who oppose undead and their creators. Monk Guardians of the Grave have learned how to turn the inner Ki energy into a deadly weapon against unnatural creatures. Evil necromancers and Death Priests fear these Monks nearly as much as they fear Paladins.

Channel Energy

Guardians gain the supernatural ability to channel their Ki into raw energy that has major effect on undead. They gain the ability to Channel Positive Energy as if they were a cleric of half their level (round up). Monks use their Wisdom modifier for this ability instead of their Charisma modifier. They can channel energy up to (3 times plus Wisdom modifier) per day. To use this ability, a Guardian doesn't need a holy symbol but must instead take a full round action to focus their Ki and release it as energy against undead. Guardians can benefit from the Extra Channeling feat as well as other feats that alter or rely on the channel energy ability. All Monks who are have this Archetype channel positive energy.

This ability replaces the Ki Pool

Special: Guardians of the Grave may be found in any area where the undead are very active. Many priesthoods will offer a Guardian sanctuary and aid. Guardians have no formal structure but tend to work together without difficulty.