Monsterous Deities

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Nature of the Gods
Deities of Traykon Elven Pantheon
Goblin Pantheon Monsterous Deities
Divine Domains
Dwarf Pantheon Orc Pantheon
Lost Gods Legacy Deities

Gnoll Deities

Kassira Lawful Evil Destruction, Evil, Trickery Goddess of the hunt and mother of all.
Crocotta Chaotic Evil Chaos, Evil, Trickery
Ophois Chaotic Evil Chaos, Evil, War Gnoll god of war and death

Naga Deities

Preserver Lawful Good Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Repose In her Preserver aspect, Sheshan'aga is the guardian of the spirits of the dead and is responsible for maintaining the existence of the Naga's as a species.
Empowerer Neutral Creation, Magic, Protection As the Empowerer, Sheshan'aga is the granter of wisdom and the great oracle who give guidance and direction for her children.
Weaver Chaotic Evil Destruction, Knowledge, Magic The Weaver aspect of Sheshan'aga is an advocate of active destruction. This aspect of the goddess teaches that to make way for new creation one must first destroy the old.