Monstrous Races

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Some races are rarely seen outside of the monstrous capacity found in various monster manuals. Still, some GMs may want to give players the option to play as one of these races in their campaign. I have even held campaigns where all the PCs were part of a monstrous race and the common races were the antagonists.

Common Races Uncommon Races
Teligrir (Naga) Giant Races
Fey Races Monstrous Races

Some of these races were created/modified using the rules found in the Advanced Race Guide.


In Traykon, Gnolls are the primary humanoid enemy race of civilization. While an entire civilization of Gnolls exists in the far north, the rest of the race is scattered throughout the realm in tribal encampments. Occasionally some members of this species becomes disillusioned with their tribal life and seek to make their mark as an adventurer.


Near the center of Traykon is a large lake known for its bountiful fishing. In the center of the lake, a race of beings dwell who have created a home away from other races to live in peace. This race is subject to a horrible curse.