Months of Traykon

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Each month is 28 days long and is based on a lunar calendar. The seasons are not spaced evenly along the months but are instead reflective of the predominant religious beliefs. Believing that Winter is both the end and beginning of all things the year starts out with the month of Kadir, being the first of four months of winter. The months of Mandir and Alfir represent spring acknowledging that innocence is short lived. Summer begins with Granir and runs for four months just as does winter. Salir, Minir, and Sarir are the three months of fall, representing the decline of life into the embrace of death. Sarir, the final month in the calendar year marking years end represents mortal death and is considered a holy month.

Each month is listed with the designation "T'Loric Month" and "Common Name". The reason for this is after the ascension of T'lor and his priesthood, they tried to change the nature of culture in the land. They replaced the old names which were based on the ancient rulers of long dead kingdoms (followed by the prefix "ir") with standardized names for the moons. Although this was only partially successful, both names are still in common usage for reference. When people refer to a specific date they will normally use the common name but when speaking in general they will use the name of the moon.

Hound's Moon Winter Kadir
Blue Moon Winter Valir
Ice Moon Winter Justir
Griffin's Moon Winter Fabrir
Mother's Moon Spring Mandir
Green Moon Spring Alfir
Battle Moon Summer Granir
Wyvern's Moon Summer Balisdir
Fire Moon Summer Erinir
Storm Moon Summer Salir
Ghoul's Moon Fall Minir
Harvest Moon Fall Gvalir
Blood Moon Fall Sarir
  • Most common names were taken from the first syllable of a king's name.