Nabay Vital Stats

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Nabay are social and often gregarious, finding themselves to be the Naga race that other races find themselves most comfortable with. They are the administrators as well as the directors of the Naga race. Unlike their brethren, the Nabay are tolerant of other races and often will spend time mixing with "lesser" races.

Nabay are generally between 10' and 12' long when in their natural form. The upper two thirds of a Nabay is humanoid, covered with tiny scales that give way to skin at the shoulders. Their hair and eye colors run the same gambit of colors common in humans although their iris tends to be shaped like a that of a reptile. The lower part of a Nabay's natural form starts at the bottom of the rib cage and descends in as a large sinuous tail. A Nabay's tail is very strong and flexible, capable of crushing objects or wrapping around itself in convoluted knots.

When a Nabay takes a human form, they stand roughly 2/3 of their length in height. The lower portion of their body in fact forms into a pelvis and legs to provide them with a credible semblance of humanity. This magical transformation also creates the sexual organs but their transformation does not allow them to mate with any other species. Their human appearance mirrors their normal form in eye color, facial features, and hair color. A Nabay can be easily recognized by those who know them as one form when they are in the other. Wounds are not healed when they change shapes but due to the shift in anatomy the location of some wounds may change.

Common Races Uncommon Races
Teligrir (Naga) Giant Races
Fey Races Monstrous Races

Type: Monsterous Humanoid

Ability Score Modifiers: +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Char

Base Speed: Nabay have a base land and swim speed of 30 feet.

Natural Attacks: Bite (1d3), this ability is lost in Human form.

Change Shape (Su): Nabay have the ability to assume the appearance of a specific human, but retains its own physical qualities. The form is static and cannot be changed each time it takes this form. The Nabay gain a +10 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to appear as a human. Changing shape is a standard action. This ability functions as a polymorph spell, but the Nabay does not adjust its ability scores.

Darkvision (Ex): Nabay can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

Gifted Emmisary (Ex): Nabay are so smooth and controlled that they gain a +2 to Diplomacy and +2 to Bluff skill checks. They can roll twice for each use of the ability and may take the best result of the two rolls. So convincing can they be that if they influence an attitude using Diplomacy they can shift the attitude up to 3 steps instead of the normal 2.

Iron Lungs (Ex): Nabay can hold their breath up to four times their Constitution score before suffering the effects of suffocation or drowning.

Natural Armor (Ex): The thick scales covering a Nabay's body gives them a +1 Natural Armor bonus to Armor Class.

Powerful Swimmer (Ex): Nabay gain a +8 racial bonus to their Swim check. They can take 10 on any swim check.

Wyrmscorge (Ex): Nabay gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and a +2 dodge bonus to AC and on saving throws against the extraordinary, supernatural, and spell-like abilities of dragons. In addition, they gain a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (arcana) checks to identify dragons and can make such checks untrained.

Languages: Nabay begin play speaking Naga and Common. Nabay with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aquan, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, and Orc.

Starting Age Modifier
20 2d4
Aging Effects
Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
50 75 100 100 + 5d20 years