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(Greater Goddess)
The Woe Bringer

Symbol: A Bloody Dagger
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Darkness, Death, Insanity, Summoning.
Worshipers: Thaumaturgists, Prostitutes, Runeweavers
Cleric Alignment: (any)
Domains: Charm, Darkness, Death, Ice, Knowledge, Madness, Thaumaturgy
Favored Weapon: Dagger

Naraska is the goddess of Night and the forbidden secrets held within the depths of night. She is a demanding goddess who expects strict adherence to her will. Her priests are both despised and feared. Naraska is the goddess of those who traffic in otherworldly matters and that which must exist away from the light of day. Priests of Naraska often have Outsiders working as guards and servants. Her favored weapon is the Dagger and her symbol is a bloody dagger.

The priesthood of Naraska is extremely secretive as expected. She accepts all those who must do their business under the cover of darkness or away from the judgments of society. The devout adherents to Naraska's way who stray from the path often find themselves visited by all manner of fiends and nightmares. Clerics of Naraska are the keepers of secrets, gatherer's of knowledge, and the explorers of the mysteries of creation.

As the Goddess of the Night, Naraska taps into the fears of all living beings. She also is considered the goddess of illicit love, since such affairs often take place under the cover of night. The dark races pay homage to her as the mother of all and the consort of many deities. In the mortal world, many woman who sell their assets worship her as the epitome of femininity and pray to her for protection from the darker side of man's passions. Her sacred prostitutes welcome petitioners only in the dead of night but only at their instigation as seeking them out is difficult due to the hidden nature of their worship.

Priests of Naraska keep their identities well hidden. Few civilized areas would welcome the news that a temple dedicated to the Woe Bringer was near. Often, powerful members who attain great power and wealth will construct immense fortresses to the dark goddess away from population centers. These citadels are always guarded by all kinds of outsiders and powerful magic. Kings and men of power will often send emissaries to these bastions of forbidden power to try to gather a useful piece of information against their enemies.

Naraska's priests have a well earned reputation for summoning demons and devils. Shrines of Naraska are often guarded by outsiders. Large temples often have an entire regiment of demonic guards at its disposal. The great fortress temple of Gul Venc is thought to be protected by arch demons.

History/Relationships: Naraska is a mysterious goddess whose historical references dates back to the first age of Traykon. The cult of clerics who worship Naraska is relatively small but Naraska's secrets make them undeniably powerful. Naraska's clergy has no allies, most clerics consider her churches an affront to their sensibilities. The church of Vusha finds themselves at odds with Naraska's priests but occasionally they find themselves walking the same paths. Occasionally there is overlap in the followers between those who serve Naraska and Loviatar.

Dogma: Naraska teaches that knowledge is power. Clergy of Naraska are charged with the gathering of information from all sources. Powerful beings from the Outer Plains often hold grand secrets that they themselves are unaware. It is the job of Naraska's priests to locate these beings and coax the secrets from them. The methods that these priests elicit the secrets often earn them eternal enmity from their victims. In the mortal world, the devout use their wiles to coax secrets from mortals during moments of weakness. Consequently, most of the devout are women.

Priests of Naraska share their revealed secrets with higher ranking clergy. It is widely believed that somewhere, this information is written into the Infinite Codex, a mystical book that holds several millennia worth of secrets. No member of Naraska's priesthood has either confirmed or denied the existence of the book.