Nighthawk's Tallon

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Nighthawk's Talon became legendary upon the battlefield as this great chieftain defeated army after army ranged against him. It was said that he could stand across the field of battle and spy the enemy leader. With one throw of his axe, he could relieve the enemy army of their leader. Valislad sent an "explorer" force into the north and they even encountered Nighthawk's tribe. The great chief defeated even the arcane magic of the great Valislad Mages.

After he had carved a "relatively" peaceful area for his tribe, he left them to wander the world and seek even greater adventures. Twelve great warriors of the tribe went with him on this adventure. Ten years after they left, one of the warriors returned. Horribly wounded, the man recounted battles where the men fought with demonic entities and great scaled monsters. His last battle had been in the center of a great marsh. The remaining 5 men traveled with Nighthawk in search of a rumored great city hidden deep within the marsh. Heavily armored Trolls fell upon the party in a swarm of claws and steel. The survivor recounted the battle and his last sight was a great ball of energy exploded beside of him, burning his skin and sending him spiraling into the black waters. When he awoke, he was alone. No bodies of either man or troll could be found and no trace of Nighthawk was to be found. The man died a week later from a mysterious rotting disease.

Valislad's mages who survived their encounter with Nighthawk wrote extensively on what they believed the nature of his famous "Talon." They theorized that it possessed the Brilliant Energy, Distance, Ghost Touch, Returning, and Throwing properties. Sages believe the weapon has surfaced from time to time but it is always lost. No single wielder has retained the weapon for more than a week. If recovered and taken to the remaining human barbarians, it would be a powerful rallying point for the scattered tribes.