Northern Steppes

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The vast steppes are home to dozens of humanoid species, many of them form temporary alliances and spiritual connections. Within the species themselves, most form around extended family units in a clan structure. Tribes can be be as few as a single family or a grouping of dozens depending on its size.

All civilized tribes on the steppes recognize a universal system of Honor that is recognition of a code larger than the individual, a willingness to subsume one’s desires in the service of that code. Honor requires self-sacrifice. It is often neither the most reasonable course of action nor the most practical. It comes with a cost, but is its own reward. Honor must be protected and upheld at all times; allowing another to besmirch it is almost as great an affront as performing a dishonorable act. A dishonorable person may try to use the honor code against foes, but honor does not equate to stupidity.

Tribes of the Steppes

Elf Tribes

The Wild Elves call this land their home. There are 5 large tribes who have distinct territories where they guard their precious horses against all intruders. Each family within the tribes own their own collection of horses which are paddocked with the rest of the tribes herd. Families can leave a tribe at will to go off on their own or join another tribe. The tribal leaders keep a firm grip on their followers and are jealous of allowing any who would leave their tribe and lessen their influence. Once every 10 years the leaders of the tribe come together and choose a leader who speaks for the whole. The leader is chosen via a contest of strength, horsemanship, and influence (tribe members). Although not a king, he does have influence over the interactions of the tribes with outsiders.

The tribes are nomadic and range along a very large stretch of land. Intruders are seldom allowed to proceed far into their domain before being challenged by a large force of horsemen. Those who convince the tribe that they are not dangerous are allowed to pass through, although sometimes they are required to provide tribute to the tribe. Barbaric tribes of other races often will try to raid the elven tribes. The worst enemy of the tribes are gnoll invaders and cunning monsters who prey upon their prized herds if left unguarded.

Halfling Tribes

There is only one Halfling tribe on the steppes. They call themselves themselves The Sisquini, a term that roughly translates to "born without fur" in their ancient tounge. These halflings roam with wolf packs and the Wolf Riders come from this tribe. Nomadic in nature, they roam around the uplands in the north throughout the summer but travel south for the winter to the lower steppes. Although they are only one tribe, sometimes a family unit or two will split off from the main tribe to hunt new ranges. Children sometimes choose to leave the tribe for a short period after their rite of ascention, the rite that marks them as an adult. These young adults often find themselves traveling into the southlands for adventure.

Human Tribes

Human tribes vary greatly on the steppes. They are organized around Totemic Animals. Their societies are shamanistic in nature. Most use some form of hunting but there are a few tribes that specialize in gathering.

Orc Tribes

Common Monsters