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Many powerful entities call Traykon home. Powerful organizations and orders often wield more power and influence than kings. Here are some of the groups that exist independent of a kingdom who have vast power and abilities.

Children of the Land

The Children of the Land is a small order located mainly in the "less settled" regions of Traykon. Although a Child will sometimes visit large villages and cities, they will never choose to live in one. Their organization is very loose, with each member treating the other as their superior. Children believe that they are forever striving to become one with nature and will always stop to listen to those who may have wisdom to impart.

Guardians of the Grave

The Guardians have swore an oath to protect the order of the universe from the destructive influence of the undead. They do not serve a single deity but do owe special reverence to Ina Po and Ulan. They draw their strengths from all deities who oppose undead and their creators.

Starless Knight

The Starless Knight is an order dedicated to the God Arum. Their oath is to protect the weak, seek out the wicked, and punish the wrongdoer. The Starless Knight maintain a fortress on the eastern coast. The Grand Marshal of the Order is Valso De'laurance, a nobleman who discovered the way and donated his grand keep to be the Knight's fortress home.

The 9

All druids of Traykon are part of a loose structure. The kingdom of Kashagar is ruled by a druid council known as The 9. These individuals are the supreme council of druids in the entirety of Traykon. Due to the nature of druids however, this link is mostly symbolic as individual druids seldom get directives from The 9.

The Guild

This ruthless band of assassins travel all over Traykon in the pursuit of their targets. Although headquartered in Araxanium, their members and supporters are well hidden in all large cities and most towns.