Outside Aid

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Utilizing the extra planar forces for ritual work is at best a calculated gamble and at worst a double edged sword. Characters who attempt to call the aid of elemental forces during ritual work must have a Ritual Modifier of at least +10 before the elemental force will even respond. Outsiders will only respond to individuals with a ritual modifier of +15 or greater. Even though a outsider or elemental responds, the character must succeed at a ritual check (DC 25 for Elemental DC 30 for Outsider) or the summoned creature runs amok for 1d4 rounds before returning to their home plane. Success on this check means the energy from the individual will aid the ritual leader in adding potency to their ritual.

Elemental Help

Sometimes rituals can be assisted with the aid of creatures from the Elemental Planes. Although to physically manifest elementals into the material plane requires a separate powerful ritual, by performing devotions and providing a material medium an elemental gains a window to our world by which they can exert just a small amount of their will and power. Elementals can aid in ritual work in many ways, most commonly by helping protect the ritual workers from the backlash of a failed ritual.