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Dragons of Traykon History of Dragons
Dragon Races Known Paragons

Draconic Paragons are those select dragons elevated by the Dragon God Kel'volori to rule over Traykon's dragons. Although they do not have divine power, they are granted amazing skills and abilities by the god to aid them in their tasks. Paragon's are considered divine envoys who are sometimes sent to discuss deific issues with agents and avatars of other deities. No normal dragon could ever rival the power of a Paragon and entire flights of dragons could be brought to task by a single enraged Paragon.

Eloria the Foeshadow

A Forest Dragon of immense proportions, Eloria sees herself as both the protector and the ruler of the wilds of Traykon. While Jagenash is considered the ruler of dragon kind, Eloria is fearless in mocking his rule. Often, she will work against his edicts and even support dragons who oppose the will of Jagenash. Although there is great enmity between the two, the Paragons never directly oppose each other.


The greatest Fire Dragon ever known, Jagenash is the oldest and strongest dragon in Traykon. In the magma laced bowels of the Dragon Mountains, Jagenash makes his home in a great lava sea. Using elemental slaves to act as his proxies, Jagenash rules the lands of the Dragon Mountains with an iron fist. All dragons who make their home near the mountains must pay homage to the great wyrm. Believed to be the favored of Kel'volori, Jagenash keeps a wary eye on dragon activities all over the world.


Hidden away in the swamps of Traykon, Shaugurg is a powerful Black Dragon who spends little time or thought on the affairs of anything outside of the various bogs and quagmires throughout the land. Mindful of the prohibition against ruling mortal kingdoms, Shaugurg advises and aids the various races of the swamps. As a Paragon, Shaugurg is sometimes called upon to exact retribution or punishment as Kel'volori wills. Other than at those times, he typically shuns interactions with other dragons.


The great Stone Dragon, Teligho has lived in the vast caverns beneath Traykon for centuries. Among the Paragons, Teligho is by far the most mysterious. Very little is known about Teligho and sightings of this Paragon are the stuff of legends.

Unique but not Paragon

Glamcatlos the Fallen

When the last surviving Amber Dragon fled The Empire, he flew into the western wastes where necromantic forces has transformed the land. Unlike other dragons who were infused with dark powers, Glamcatlos became something quite different from the Raveners previously seen in Traykon. Some believe that he was taken over by the powers invested in the land while others believe he made a bargain with The Unnamed One. Whatever the case, Glamcatlos became a horror that stalks the land for eternity. While not recognized as a Paragon, Kel'volori has not acted against Glamcatlos nor has he allowed any other Paragons to act against the great Death Wyrm.

Twilight Dragon

The Twilight Dragon is a unique dragon born of the Shadowlands and is a servant of The Unnamed One. Unlike other dragons, the Twilight Dragon was not born from an egg but was instead born from the depths of the Umbral Citadel. Should his physical form be destroyed, it disperses into the Shadowlands where it reforms within the Umbral Citadel within a few days and re-emerges fully healed with all its powers intact.

Like The Unnamed One, the Twilight Dragon has no name. All beings reference it as simply The Twilight Dragon and other dragon kind sometimes refer to it as Twilight. As the undisputed king of the dragons within the Shadowlands, the Twilight Dragon is revered and considered the nominal leader of the Umbral Dragons.