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Creating a Petitioner

“Petitioner” is a template that may be added to any creature as determined by the nature of the campaign (referred to hereafter as the base creature). The creature’s type changes to outsider, and the creature uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Hit Dice: Change to 2d8. Retain bonus hit points.

AC: Natural Armor Class, Dexterity, and size bonuses or penalties apply. Armor bonuses are not applicable.

Attacks: Base attack bonus is reduced to +2, subject to modifications for size and Strength.

Special Attacks: A petitioner loses all supernatural and spell-like attacks, but retains normal and exceptional attacks.

Special Qualities: A petitioner loses all supernatural and spell-like abilities, but retains exceptional abilities. In addition, it gains the following qualities.

Mental Immunity: All petitioners are immune to mind-affecting effects.

Other Immunities: Depending on its nature, the petitioner is immune to two of the following effects: acid, cold, electricity, fire, poison, petrifaction, or polymorphing. These immunities are applied similarly to all petitioners of a particular plane or deity.

Resistances: Depending on the nature of the petitioner’s plane, the petitioner gains resistance 20 against two of the following effects: acid, cold, electricity, or fire.

Planar Commitment: Petitioners cannot leave the plane they inhabit. They are teleported one hundred miles in a random direction if an attempt is made to force them to leave.

Additional Special Qualities: Particular planes may provide additional benefits for petitioners of those planes. Typical additional special qualities may include any one of the following.

  • Damage reduction 5/silver and spell resistance 5.
  • Continuous magic circle against evil.
  • Fast healing 1.
  • Damage reduction 10/magic.
  • Spell resistance 10.
  • Additional 2d8 Hit Dice.
  • Remove all immunities and resistances except immunity to mind-affecting effects. Add acid, cold, electricity, fire, and poison resistance 5.

Such modifications are the result of the nature of the plane or the powerful beings within it.

Saves: Base saving throw bonuses are +3.

Abilities: Same as the base creature. Some cosmologies or deities may set a maximum of 18 for petitioner ability scores. Abilities higher than that are reduced to the maximum.

Skills: Petitioners have no skills. Previous skills are lost.

Feats: Petitioners have no feats. Previous feats are lost.

Climate/Terrain: Any land and underground (within the same plane).

Organization: Same as the base creature.

Challenge Rating: 1.

Treasure: None.

Alignment: Same as the native plane.

Advancement: None.

Exceptional Petitioners

The deities may choose particular servants for specific tasks that may retain the knowledge of their previous selves. These exceptional petitioners retain the feats and skills they had in life, but are otherwise limited as for the petitioners of their plane.