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Horror Atmosphere
Possession Possession Actions
Infernal Contract Demon Possessed Creature
Possession Feats Exorcism
Corruption Haunting

A fiend gains the ability to merge its physical form with another creature’s body, spreading its foul influence from within a living vessel.

Prerequisite(s): Cha 20, any evil outsider with 10 or more Hit Dice

Benefit: Once per day, as a full-round action, a fiend can discorporate into a malign presence and target a creature within 15 feet. The creature targeted must succeed at a Will save equal to 10 + half the fiend’s Hit Dice + the fiend’s Charisma modifier or be possessed (see below). Targets under the effects of protection from evil, or related spells, gain a bonus to this save. Should a target succeed at its Will save, the fiend is forced back into its natural form and is stunned for 1 round.

A fiend that successfully possesses a target enters its space and merges with it. While possessing a creature or object, a fiend’s body and abilities are unavailable. Once a fiend merges with its target it cannot be harmed until it leaves or is forcibly removed. While possessing a target, a fiend shares the senses of its host and can communicate with it telepathically. A fiend also gains a number of possession points per day equal to its total Hit Dice. These points can be spent to utilize special bodily possession actions detailed on the following pages. A fiend may expend these points as it pleases, with each possession action taking a full-round action. Each day, the victim of a possession is allowed a new Will save at the original DC to force the possessing fiend to leave its body-objects and areas do not receive daily saves.

Should a victim make this save or be killed, the fiend is ejected, retakes its original form in an adjacent space, and is stunned for 1 round. A fiend may not possess a new target for 24 hours after being ejected from a victim. Dispel evil (or dispel chaos or dispel law, depending on the fiend) can eject a fiend, but the caster must succeed at a caster level check with a DC equal to 10 + the HD of the possessing fiend + the fiend’s Cha modifier. Banishment and dismissal immediately eject a fiend from a target if it fails to save against the spell.