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Common Races Uncommon Races
Teligrir (Naga) Giant Races
Fey Races Monstrous Races

Although Traykon does use standard fantasy races, there are some deviation among sub-races as well as some new races seen in the world. Orcs and Goblins, who are commonly just monster races are actually found more commonly as "civilized" races. There is information here about the origins of sub-races and information about the nature of the newer races.

Common Races This section covers the most common player races in Traykon.
Uncommon Races Although still seen, these are the less common races including some "monstrous" races. A notable race is a Troll race unique to Traykon.
Teligrir (Naga) Although they are listed as Naga, it is more accurate to say this racial group is a combined Naga, Lamia, Lizardman racial group.
Giant Races Giants are an integral part of most campaigns, in Traykon they have a historic significance but are still the occasional adversaries.
Fey Races Traykon captured of portion of Arcadia when it was formed. The survivors of the upheaval have adapted to life in Traykon.
Monstrous Races Although not normally player races, here is a listing of races that can be seen and information on how to integrate them into the campaign.

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