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The basic ritual toolkit should have a simple candle, small dagger, and some type of personal symbol to be used as a ritual focus. Collecting the tools for this simple kit is easy and inexpensive (less than 3gp normally) and will not arouse suspicion in others. Not all rituals require tools but possession of this simple kit allows the character to always be prepared for ritual work without elaborate preparation. Characters can gather more elaborate tools and a fully stocked ritual supply can cost a character well over 1,000gp. Some ritual items may be difficult or even illegal to obtain so characters must be aware that not everything they want will be readily available. Below is a list of commonly needed ritual supplies with their costs, GMs are encouraged to have NPCs who work rituals to possess at least a few of these unusual supplies. This is by now means an exhaustive list of ritual tools but is instead just a primer of those most commonly used.

Item Cost Weight Common Ritual Use
Alter Alters are commonly used to hold ritual implements, provide a surface for ritual work, and as a stand on which to perform sacrifices.  Alters can be as ornate or as plain as possible.  Makeshift alters can be as simple as a cloak spread out on a rock or a shelf in a store room.  The prices listed are for unadorned alters.  Pictures, designs, or special compartments carved or chiseled into alters increase the price dramatically.
    Makeshift Varies Varies
    Wood, Small 1 sp 3 lb.
    Wood, Large 13 sp 15 lb.
    Stone, Small 1 gp 5 lb.
    Stone, Large 25 gp 200 lb.
Bowl   Bowls are commonly used to hold liquids such as blood, water, or wine while other ingredients or herbs are mixed together.  Bowls are also used to contain things like salt and other herbs as well as used with charcoal to burn herbs and incense.
     Ceramic 10 cp 1 lb.
     Pewter 2 sp 4 lb.
     Silver 2 gp 2 lb
Brazier 15 gp 10 lb. Braziers are filled with charcoal and used as both light and to burn powdered incense.
Candle   Candles are used as an elemental focus as well as often used as a medium to burn oils by anointing the candle before lighting it.
     Beeswax, 20 turns, 5' radius 1 sp Ξ
     Tallow, 20 turns, 5' radius 3 cp Ξ
Candlestick Holders   Their function is simply to keep the candles from accidentally being knocked over during ritual work.
     wood carved 4 sp 1/2 lb.
     brass 6 sp 1 lb.
     copper 8 sp 1 lb.
     glazed 3 sp 1/2 lb.
     iron 3 gp 2 lb.
Candle Molds 12 cp 1/2 lb. Used to create candles, something most ritual practitioners do in order to incorporate herbs directly into the candles.
Candle, Sealing Wax 1 gp 1 lb. Used to both create candles and coat or seal items.
Cauldron 16 gp 25 lb. These large iron pots can hold up to 6 gallons of liquid.  They are used to mix large quantities of liquids and are often also the focus of certain rituals.
Chalk   Normally used for ritual diagrams and symbols. 
     White, per stick 1 cp Σ
     Assorted Colors, per stick 2 cp Σ
Charcoal, 10 lb bag 2 sp 10 lb. Used to burn in braziers and bowls to be used as an ignition source for paper, herbs, and incense.
Cloth, per sq yard   Used to both wrap ritual tools and provide a clean surface on which to perform rituals, cloth regularly used for ritual work often is embroidered with symbols and designs to aid in ritual work.
     Canvas 1 gp 1 lb.
     Cotton 1 sp 1 lb.
     Velvet 4 gp 1 lb.
     Wool 8 cp 2 lb.
Crucible 7 sp 1 lb. A simple small ceramic bowl used to melt down items into liquid form.
Cup   Used to drink blood, water, or wine during ceremonies, cups are also sometimes used as focus items for ritual work.
     Ceramic 8 cp 1 lb.
     Pewter 2 sp 3 lb.
     Silver 2 gp 2 lb.
     Wooden 4 cp 1/2 lb.
Gems Varies Varies Gems are regularly used for ritual work as either focus items or material sacrifices.
Goblet   These ornate drinking goblets have the same use as cups but are generally better made and more expensive so are used more often by the discriminating ritual leader.
     Crystal 4 gp 1 lb
     Pewter 4 sp 4 lb.
     Silver 2 gp 2 lb.
     Copper 2 sp 2 lb.
Incense, per stick 1 gp Σ Burned during ritual work, incense is often used as an elemental focus.  Incense comes in different types and scents, certain of those are generally associated with specific types of rituals.
Ink   Used most often to document the process of a ritual, ink is also used to write names or incantations on paper or parchment to be burnt during a ritual.
     Writing (Black), 2 oz 1 gp 1/4 lb.
     Writing (assorted colors), 2 oz 25 sp 1/4 lb.
Mirror, Small Metal, 3" x 2" 5 gp 1/2 lb. Mirrors are often used as a focus item during ritual work.  Metal mirrors are cheap but distort the image.
Mirror, Small Silver, 3" x 2" 20 gp 1/2 lb. Often used as a focus item during ritual work, silver mirrors have less distortion than metal mirrors and sometimes have ritual significance as a precious substance.
Mortar & Pestle 2 gp 1 lb. Used to grind up herbs into powder.
Paint, small pot 2 sp 2 lb. Mainly used to draw diagrams, paints are also sometimes used to adorn the body.
Parchment, per sheet 2 sp Σ Used to write or draw on.
Paper, per sheet 4 sp Σ Used to write or draw on.
Pot, Iron 10 gp 10 lb A smaller, more portable version of the cauldron, the iron pot is used for the same purposes.
Quill 5 cp Σ Used to write or draw with Ink.
Robe   Worn as a ritual accompaniment.  Normally robes are not required for the ritual itself but are part of a persons general ritual kit.  Robes are often decorated with symbols or designs if dedicated to ritual work.
    Cloth 6 sp 2 lb.
    Fur, Trimmed 3 gp 3 lb.
    Embroidered 20 gp 3 lb.
    Silk 95 gp 2 lb.
Spices   Spices are used for ritual work in many different capacities.  Some are burnt, others are focus items for the ritual, and still others may be the object of the ritual itself.  Salt is the most commonly used ritual herb due to its ritual association with earth.
    Belladonna, 1 sprig 4 sp Σ
    Garlic, 1 bud 5 cp Ξ
    Holly, per sprig 5 sp Σ
    Mandrake, root 25 sp Ξ
    Mistletoe, sprig 10 sp Σ
    Nightshade, sprig 15 sp Σ
    Salt, per lb 1 sp 1 lb.
    Salt, per 150  1 lb briks 100 gp 150 lb.
    Wolvesbane, per sprig 10 sp Σ
Thread, per spool 8 cp 1/2 lb. Used to tie items together or bind something to an object for ritual work.
Wine, Common, 1 gallon 2 sp 4 lb. Most often used to consecrate a ritual but sometimes is used in anointment rituals.
* Ξ Each of these items weighs little individually. 10 of these weigh one pound.
* Σ These items have negligible weight, 100 of these items equal one pound.