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Runeweaving Runic Spell Mechanics
Developing Runic Spells Runic Seeds
Runecrafting Runic Item Creation

Practitioners of Runic Magic control the very building blocks of creation. Runeweavers are arcane spell-casters of incredible power. While there are runes that are of a divine nature and can heal or otherwise manipulate spirit forces, these runes can never be learned by a Runeweaver. Even though they are similar in structure, form, and nature, divine runes are powered by an outside entity and will never work for Runeweavers. Runic Seeds, such as Heal or Life are the province of powers beyond the ability and control of mortal casters.

New spells can be researched using the methods put forth in Developing Runic Spells but they must abide by the above restrictions. Game Masters must adjudicate the appropriate level for created spell effects very carefully. In my test campaigns, my players altered spells and combined seeds into some pretty unique and devastating ways. For creative players, they may seek to stretch a spell beyond the component seeds and restrictions. The Game Master is the final arbiter of the final level of the rune as well as even IF it can be taught to another. In all cases, rune spells can't be taught to another if they lack some fundamental understanding required to cast the component parts.

Words marked with an asterisk (*) are boosted versions of lower level words. A runecaster only needs to learn the base version of a word in order to be able to cast its boosted versions.

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4th-Level Runes
Acid Wave (Acid)
Altered Form* (Change)
Bestial Form (Change)
Borrow Future (Time)
Disappear* (Concealing)
Fire Wall (Wall)
Ice Blast (Cold)
Ice Wall (Wall)
Life Leech (Death)
Perfect Form (Body)
Servitor IV (Summoning)
Simple Order* (Command)
Sound Blast (Sonic)
Terror (Fear)
Unseen Shell (Concealing)
5th-Level Runes
Ball Lightning (Electricity)
Bestial Form* (Change)
Cinder Storm (Fire)
Crush Will (Command)
Dimensional Jump (Teleportation)
Far Casting (Language)
Far Sight* (Divination)
Force Blast (Force)
Monstrous Form (Change)
Paralyze Creature (Binding)
Servitor V (Summoning)
Stone Wall (Wall)
Unmake (Dispelling)
6th-Level Runes
Energy Immunity (Body)
Far Casting* (Language)
Force Ward (Armor)
Monstrous Form* (Change)
Negation (Dispelling)
Resist Arcana (Dispelling)
Sense Hidden* (Detection)
Servitor VI (Summoning)
Slay (Death)
Unfetter (Gravity)
Unseen Shell* (Concealing)
7th-Level Runes
Blind (Power)
Caustic Cloud (Acid)
Destructive Vibration (Sonic)
Dimensional Shift (Teleportation)
Horror (Fear)
Servitor VII (Summoning)
Storm Master (Weather)
8th-Level Runes
Inferno (Fire)
Permanent Paralysis (Binding)
Repulse (Gravity)
Servitor VIII (Summoning)
Stun (Power)
Thunder Strike (Electricity)
Winter’s Wrath (Cold)
9th-Level Runes
Control Time (Time)
Dimensional Gate (Teleportation)
Kill (Power)
Life Leech* (Death)
Servitor IX (Summoning)
True Fire (Fire)
0-Level Runes
Acid Burn (Acid)
Bleeding Wounds (Wounding)
Cold Snap (Cold)
Cramp (Pain)
Decipher (Language)
Echo (Illusion)
Flame Jet (Fire)
Force Block (Armor)
Lift (Gravity)
Sense Magic (Detection)
Spark (Electricity)
1st-Level Runes
Burning Flash (Fire)
Dash (Time)
Decipher* (Language)
Fade (Concealing)
Fog Bank (Weather)
Force Block* (Armor)
Force Shield (Armor)
Fortify (Body)
Friendship (Command)
Glide (Flight)
Lock Ward (Binding)
Radiance (Illumination)
Servitor I (Summoning)
Shock Arc (Electricity)
Simple Order (Command)
Spook (Fear)
Wrack (Pain)
2nd-Level Runes
Accelerate (Time)
Burning Flash* (Fire)
Corrosive Bolt (Acid)
Damage (Destruction)
Decelerate (Time)
Disappear (Concealing)
Energy Resistance (Body)
Enhance Form (Body)
Float (Flight)
Force Bolt (Force)
Frost Fingers (Cold)
Gloom (Illumination)
Sense Hidden (Detection)
Sense Thoughts (Detection)
Servitor II (Summoning)
Suppress (Dispelling)
3rd-Level Runes
Altered Form (Change)
Blizzard (Weather)
Complex Order (Command)
Dimensional Hop (Teleportation)
Far Sight (Divination)
Fire Blast (Fire)
Force Armor (Armor)
Glimmering (Illusion)
Lightning Blast (Electricity)
Paralyze Humanoid (Binding)
Servitor III (Summoning)
Soar (Flight)
Sunshine (Illumination)
Suppress* (Dispelling)
Torture (Pain)
Translate (Language)
Undeath (Death)
Wind Blast (Weather)
Wind Wall (Wall)
Target Words
Cone (Target)
Personal (Target)
Selected (Target)
Burst (Target),
Line (Target)
Barrier (Target)
Meta Words
Boost (Meta)
Distant (Meta)
Lengthy (Meta)
Manifestation (Meta)
Mind Warp (Meta)
Irresistible (Meta)
Penetrating (Meta)