Sacred Orders

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Paladins may follow many gods or philosophies. Here are but a few of the sacred orders found on Traykon.

Starless Knight

The Starless Knight is an order dedicated to the God Arum. Their oath is to protect the weak, seek out the wicked, and punish the wrongdoer. The Starless Knight maintain a fortress on the eastern coast. The Grand Marshal of the Order is Valso De'laurance, a nobleman who discovered the way and donated his grand keep to be the Knight's fortress home.

The Windborne

Although Syn is a fertility goddess, she also has a militant side. The Windborne are those who protect the weak at all costs. Her paladins will stand before any opponent, face any odds, their ultimate spiritual achievement is to die protecting the helpless. Her order is small and most of her Paladins are from rural areas. Elves often join The Windborne and with their low birthrate, are very active protectors of children and expecting mothers. Woe betide anyone who harms a child within sight of a Windborne.

Knights of Thorne

The Knights of Thorne are an ancient mystical order that serves a very specific function. Although the Knights of Thorne are specific holy warriors for their god, Jharlamak, Paladins may join their ranks and are considered welcome additions.

Disciples of the Word

Aragon has his own special warriors known as Warmongers. Many other classes tend to flock to his teachings and Paladins are no exception. Those who join this order are fierce holy warriors who seek glory in battle and the elimination of evil in the land through force of arms. They are the most militant Paladins possible. Most Paladins who seek admittance into this order journey to the Citadel of the Word to receive training in the Disciples of the Word.

Guardians of the Grave

The Guardians of the Grave is dedicated to the eradication of undead in Traykon. Priests and Paladins often join their order and aid them in their quest.

The Silver Palm

An order dedicated to healing, The Silver Palm actually refers to the monasteries created by monks but Paladins are accepted into their ranks. Often, these paladins will take levels in cleric to grant them extra healing abilities.