Servants of the Eternity

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Creature Types

These creatures are only encountered through the will of a god or by the actions of a divine intermediary.

Maiden of Pain CR 12

These develish minions are bound to Loviatar through pleasure and pain. They are her minions who exact punishment and reward the faithful.

Yenaldlooshi CR 14

These demon-like creatures are either new to the universe or have reappeared since the Elder Gods escaped from their prisons.

Golvor CR 23

The judges of the dead, these creatures are seldom seen outside of the Ulvanic Keep. They serve Ulan in weighing out the souls of the dead and helping to judge if they are worthy of the afterlife, require reassignment, or to be consigned to oblivion. While everyone agrees that the Golver is not unique but a type of entity, nobody knows how many Golvor exist. The only time they are seen outside of the Ulvanic Keep is when they are summoned to the borders of the Shadowlands by an entity to arbitrate possession of a recently deceased soul. Mortals do not interact with them as they will ignore or destroy mortals who interfere with their work. Golvor's do not manifest on the material portion of Traykon and appear as incorporeal creatures (similar to ghosts) to those outside the Shadowlands who perceive them.