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The Kayal (sometimes called Fetchling) are a race of once humans who live in the Shadow Plane. Due to the method by which Traykon was created and anchored in the multiverse, a large number of these individuals became trapped in the Shadowlands, incapable of using their natural ability to Plane Shift to return to their home plane. As living entities, they stay very near the boundary of the Shadowlands in the periphery of the land of the living. In this shadowy realm which appears as a dusky version of Traykon, they have made their homes. Due to their close attachment to the Shadowlands coupled with their dark appearance, people long ago started calling them Shadow People and they have begun to take the name when they refer to themselves.

Shadow People most often spend the majority of their lives in the Shadowlands. They build structures from the ethereal materials along the border to use as homes and businesses. An ambitious race, they often set up trading outposts in human cities within Traykon and build their homes in the overlapping area of the Shadowlands. Due to the lack of raw material available to them, they find it advantageous to trade with those who can't readily enter their home plane. There are individuals who will be vast sums of gold for material infused with the essence of shadows so they seek out these trade enclaves seeking to bargain.

The Shadow People also are the only known race to have a direct trading connection to the land of Arcadia. Their natural affinity for the Fey races who are forever cut off from their home allows them to trade freely and often aid these races. Fey in the wild tend to quickly trust and often seek aid from Shadow People traveling through their territory. The relationship between the Shadow People and the Fey seems to be stronger than that between Shadow People and Human, who were their ancient ancestors. Powerful denizens of the Shadowlands will often call upon the Shadow People for tribute or demand fealty from their societies. Most commonly, Umbral Dragons will treat their groups as servants and even capture individuals to take further into the Shadowlands to labor in their lairs. Other creatures, such as devils and demons will trade with the Shadow People. These entities collect items lost in the depths of the Shadowlands and use the Shadow People as their "fence" to sell it in the living world. It is believed a lot of tainted items have come to Traykon through these trades. Recognizing their precarious position, Shadow People simply try to accommodate any who wish to engage in their services... including the occasional undead.

Occasionally, a member of this reclusive race will become disenchanted with a mercantile lifestyle or be disaffected by the bleak existence. These individuals seek out adventure and fame within other cultures. Due to their long association with Umbral Dragons, they have learned to be adept diplomats and will be groveling sycophants in the presence of aggressive cultures. When in the company of sophisticated cultures they can show their wit and cleverness to gain admiration. As traveling adventurers, they are welcomed by many groups who see their natural abilities as worthwhile additions to their company.

Shadow People adventurers often become Rangers, Rogues, and many become Summoners. Powerful adventurers often seek to subjugate the denizens of the Shadowlands at some point simply to exert their dominance over creatures which terrorize their race. Most often they can be found adventuring in the company of Humans and tend to be shunned by Elves, Dwarves, and any savage races. Occasionally a powerful shadow person will gain prominence and power enough to become leaders or merchants of renown. When this happens, they tend to settle in one place and draw other Shadow People to settle nearby.

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