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The Triple-Goddess of the Serpent Races, she is a complex deity of great power and strength. In Traykon, she has gained great power and has used the power to transform her children and grant them extra abilities and powers. Each of her three aspects is worshiped by a particular subrace of the Naga within The Empire but all work together toward the combined will of Sheshan'aga. Although common assumption is that Sheshan'aga is an amalgam of deities, the Great Serpent has many faces and aspects. She is found in all things and has many more heads than is known. Each "face" of the goddess corresponds to a head and also with a particular subrace. Many deities covet her power and there have been many deities who have tried to usurp her power. Most notable of the deities who strive to co-opt her worship are Ningishzida, Apophis, and Jormanyar. These three deities, along with many others, are constantly trying to whisper into the ears of her faithful living outside The Empire and the greatest concentration of power for Sheshan'aga. Some deities with little to do with serpents have even managed to draw attention from her wayward children. When these deities exert their influence directly in Traykon, Sheshan'aga is quick to flex her power and try to destroy these upstarts.


Lawful Good

Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Repose

In her Preserver aspect, Sheshan'aga is the guardian of the spirits of the dead and is responsible for maintaining the existence of the Naga's as a species.



Creation, Magic, Protection

As the Empowerer, Sheshan'aga is the granter of wisdom and the great oracle who give guidance and direction for her children.


Chaotic Evil

Destruction, Knowledge, Magic

The Weaver aspect of Sheshan'aga is an advocate of active destruction. This aspect of the goddess teaches that to make way for new creation one must first destroy the old.