Staff of the Dragon

From Traykon Campaign Setting - Pathfinder
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Aura strong enchatment (compulsion)

The staff appears to be a carved from a single piece of bone. The staff is toped with a small, baby dragon skull. The staff grants the wielder Spell Resistance 30 and immunity to Dragon's Breath. The staff also functions as a +5 magical weapon in combat. It allows use of the following spells:

  • Charm Monster (1 charge, DC 34)
  • Dismissal (1 charge, DC 35)
  • Prismatic Wall (2 charges, DC 38)
  • Dominate Monster (3 charges, DC 39)

The staff can be recharged once per year by immersing it in the blood of a freshly killed dragon.

This item is currently in the possession of Lord Dracten Koelar