Storm of Wrath

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Level: None (Communal magic is given only to devout followers of nature in dire emergencies)
Components: V, S, M/DF
Casting Time: Special
Range: 5 miles per participant
Area: 1 mile per participant in ritual.
Duration: One minute per participant.
Saving Throw: Special
Spell Resistance: No

This divine spell is only granted to Druids and followers of Nature. In order for this spell to be granted, a group of devout followers must gather together and pray for the spell. The participants must go into a secluded area and pray for 24 hours to be granted the divine favor. Once granted, the participants have one week to complete the ritual that evokes the power of the Storm of Wrath or they have to start over again in prayer. The ritual casting of this spell requires at least 12 people and a focus for their magical energy. Normal focuses are druid ponds or large cauldrons. Once the ritual is begun, the participants focus on the ritual leader and "give their power" to him to evoke the magic. It takes four hours for the storm to form. If a storm is already present in the area, the casting time is halved. Unlike most spells, this spell pulls energy from both the divine and the casters. The leader of the ritual sets the direction that the spell will take effect as well as the general area that will be affected first. Once the spell is completed, the participants suffer the ill effects explained later.

When the storm forms, torrential rains will sweep the area of effect causing flooding in seconds. Most creatures caught out in the rains will have to seek shelter quickly or suffer the chance of being swept away by a river suddenly appearing in their path. The rains will last the entire time the storm persists. Creatures without shelter run the risk of drowning in the rain, even if they are not submerged. Spellcasters caught in the rain must make a Concentration check (DC 20) to cast spells. Three minutes into the storm, the wind begins and can reach gusts over one hundred miles per hour. Most structures will collapse in such treatment. After eight minutes, mini-tornadoes will form randomly. Creatures caught in the path of a tornado must make a Reflex save (DC 30) or be picked up and bashed about for 20d6 damage. If the storm lasts longer than twelve minutes, large hail stones will form in the rain doing 2d6 damage to anything they strike.

Casting this spell is hazardous on many levels. The ritual drains the participants of all spell energies making them unable to cast spells for 48 hours. This drain includes any arcane spells that the participant is able to cast. Whoever leads the ritual must also make a Willpower save (DC 25) or loose one level from his highest class. The spell also has the nasty habit of straying from its target. After the spells duration expires, the spell will begin to drift in a random direction. The spell looses power quickly but the torrential rains and other effects can decimate a large area and possibly even come back to effect the casters. Once the duration expires, the storm becomes a normal storm that travels and dissipates as normal.

This spell was created on October 2nd, 2001. It was used in the Traykon Campaign as a weapon in the war between Yarr and Kashagar. The author is aware that a similar version was created later in official literature. The original spell, with it's limitations and preconditions, is provided here and is the one which is used by the druids of Kashagar to defend their land.