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(Intermediate Goddess)

  • Symbol: Crescent Moon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Womenhood, Sex, Fertility, Pregnancy, and Childbirth
  • Worshipers: Midwives, druids, adepts, barbarians
  • Cleric Alignment: LG, NG, CG, N
  • Domains: Creation, Darkness, Healing, Plant, Protection
  • Favored Weapon: Sickle

Syn was the result of the ill-fated liaison between the Sun Lord Belos and the Goddess of Night Naraska. Abandoned by both of her parents, Syn was fostered by Shahara, the goddess of the wind and sky. Despite being unloved by her parents, Syn grew to womanhood under the protection and guidance of Shahara, who apparently loves her foster child. Added to the gifts from her parents, Syn was granted the run of the sky to thwart her estranged parents.

The nature of Syn's divinity prevents her from manifesting her full power in the presence of her parents. Given that one parent rules the night and the other rules the day, that means she is always being suppressed by those who gave her life. This dynamic has led Syn to actively work against both her parents with her deific powers.

At night, Syn illuminates the night and drives back the darkness of her mother. Such is the power of Naraska that Syn's own power gets drained away over the course of a month. Each month begins with her growing stronger and lighting the night more after each day for 11 consecutive nights. This culminates with her mature power during the three nights of the full moon. After this, her power wains and the globe of her power reduces its illumination over the course of 11 days until the sliver of her glory disappears from the night. For three days Syn must rest her power before the whole cycle begins again.

During the day, when Belos rules the sky, Syn will often defy her father by lingering in the morning sky or appearing early in the evenings to challenge his domination of the firmament. Her followers consider these signs of her defiance as holy. On rare occasions, Syn will hoard enough power to challenge her father for supremacy of the daytime sky. On these days she will move across the heavens and eventually eclipse her father, turning day into night for a very short time. The followers of Syn, Naraska, Belos, and even Shahara consider these rare occurrences holy. Many other deities take advantage of this event.

Syn is the manifestation of sexuality, fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. She is the ultimate expression of womanhood in divine form. Depictions of the deity are often seen as beautiful young women in their full bloom. Syn is believed to be the consort of several deities, all of whom aid her in thwarting her parent's power. Her sacred prostitutes are much sought after. Due to her aspect as the goddess of fertility, those who follow this path normally become pregnant and being forced for a short period to deal with the realities of motherhood for a period of time.

Clergy: Followers of Syn are almost universally women. Unlike Bronn, Syn's clerics are seen most often in large settlements. Temples to Syn are commonly constructed to be small, intimate places that hint at great secrets within the interior shadows. Her followers will often be seen working with the followers of Bronn and Shahara. Despite their very different objectives, the aspects of sexuality shared by Syn and Loviatar often draws followers of the two into close association.