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(Intermediate God)
Broken One, Threefold Lord, Tormented God

Symbol: A shield bearing the face of a demon.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral - Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Vengeance
Domains: Death, Destruction, Madness, Nullification, Void, War
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Priest Alignments: LE, CN, or NE

T'lor exacts vengeance on those he feels is responsible for his existence. His followers have a fanatical devotion to his word. Because he preaches genocide, his followers are most often evil. T'lor was created shortly before the Great Cataclysm. His creation was the first real glimpse sages had into the nature of the divine.

The church of T'lor is newly returned to Traykon. After the formation of The Veil, the church died out as most citizens shunned the church due to its power. Over the centuries, the priests died out and T'lor's last cleric died. Lord Minix of Yarra discovered that an old temple of T'lor lay within his borders. One of his advisors started doing research in the temple and began to believe the teachings of T'lor. Thus, the church was resurrected at roughly the same time that arcane magic returned to Traykon. The church is now headquartered in the capital city of Eolar.

Dual Alignment

The priests of T'lor tend to be Evil. T'lor himself is Chaotic Neutral due to the madness that permeates his existence but his priesthood is considered Lawful Evil. He has no Good priests. All T'lor's priests spontaneously convert their spells into inflict spells. In moments of lucidity, the deity is Lawful Evil, possibly a reflection of his pre-deific existence.


The T'loric Priests were known for their cruelty. The first follower of T'lor was Erin the Bold. Erin was a paladin of Arum until he came upon the remains of T'lor's mortal form. He touched the remains and T'lor infected his body and mind. Under T'lor's influence, Erin started the priesthood and forged them into a subversive force in the world. After Erin's death, the priesthood became more militant. T'lor began actively working toward his goals. When Saracman destroyed the south-land, T'lor felt the pull of power and was inspired. He began experimenting and his priests started to gather their power. On a secret mountain location, T'lor appeared to his priests in his true form and worked to institute The Veil. In one grand action, T'lor struck a crippling blow against the mages who wronged him and propelled his priests into a position of great power and standing in the world.

Unknown to the world, T'lor used The Veil to power his ascent into oblivion. He slept in a pocket dimension oblivious to the world and his priests slowly lost power and began to fade from the world. His highest priests knew the truth and worked to keep it from the populace. Centuries after the the ascent, The Veil weakened and has begun to fragment. T'lor felt for the first time in centuries and his anger was reawakened. He found a believer and infused him with his wrath. Now his priesthood is back to full power. He seeks to reestablish his slumber and make The Veil permanent. Fear and exhilaration infuses those who know the truth.

T'lor hates all other gods. His madness is such that he becomes paranoid and strikes out at even his allies. The priesthood has come to power in Yarra and due to that, they have a shaky alliance with Tyr's priests and Arum's church does not interfere with them.


T'lor teaches that pain and anger give power. His priests exact Vengeance in his name. All those who cause pain must die. Life is pain, death is the reward for one's suffering. Many of his priests take levels in Berserker to allow them to better focus their rage.


T'lor was "born" in Traykon and therefor this is his home world. His physical manifestation is his true form and not an avatar.