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Upon the implementation of The Veil, mages have had to deal not only with the oppressive effects of its malicious force, but the unpredictable side effect as well. The remaining mages quickly found out that T'lor made a lasting mark upon the psyche of all those who dabble in the arcane arts. This effect, dubbed the Curse of T'lor, effects all new runeweavers, sorcerers, and wizards who walk the lands. Other arcane casters such as Bards, Magus, and others have a 50% chance of triggering The Veil when they cast their first arcane spell.

When a character is created with a level of an arcane class, they must roll a 1d20 and compare it to the following table. This roll is made when the character is first created and can never be changed. DMs should allow a second roll only for characters with magical parentage (like outsiders or magical beasts). Even a wish or miracle is unable to counter the effects of T'lor's curse. Unless otherwise stated, all of these effects become evident at puberty.

d20 Curse Effect
1-5 Nothing You have no effects from the "curse."
6 Voices from the Past The mage hears the words of long dead people. -2 to Concentration, -2 Wisdom, +1 to all knowledge checks.
7 Veil Speak Mages from beyond the veil try to speak to the character in large groups. -2 to concentration, +2 to spellcraft.
8-9 Spectral Mentor A ghostly mage speaks to you from across the Veil. +2 to spellcraft, 1 extra spell known at 1st level, -2 Intelligence
10 Arcane Master A banished mage guides your youth. You can cast one extra 0 level spell per day.
11 Visions You have flashbacks and visions from the magewars when you sleep. Because of this, you must have 10 hours of sleep each night instead of the normal 8. -2 to Constitution.
12 Strength of the Ages Due to some fluke of body chemistry, you draw strength from the energies of the Veil. +1 hit points per hit die, you can remain conscious when you drop below 0 hit points. You still have the same chance for stabilization and still die when you reach -10 hit points.
13 Magic Resistance Magical energies fortify you and make it more difficult for others to affect you with spells. You have Spell Resistance (10 + character level), you cast one less spell per day for each spell level.
14-18 T'lor's Vengeance You suffer from a physical deformity or magical compulsion that has affected you since puberty. There is no way to completely get rid of this effect but you may find ways to compensate. Roll again on the Deformities table.
19-20 T'lor's Hatred Roll again, rerolling a result of 1 or 20. You also roll on the Deformities table.


d20 Deformity or Compulsion Effect
1-2 Dyslexic The character reads and writes backwards. -4 to all skill checks involving written words, the character must pay double for the Linguistics skill.
3-4 Club foot lameness in leg You have 1/2 base movement (round up).
5 Eyes look like cat eyes. Your character has low light vision 30 ft. If your character already has low light vision due to race, the range is double.
6-7 Hands are misshapen One or more of your hands appear as deformed claws and do not function properly. -4 to Climb, Craft, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Open Locks, Perform (played instruments only), Slight of Hand, Swim, and Use Magical Device checks.
8-9 Hunchback You have a large growth on your back that impairs your posture. -2 to Charisma
10 Stench of Decay The stench of decay is always present around you. No amount of perfume can cover the smell. Creatures tracking you with scent gain a +10 to their roll, -4 to Charisma skill checks.
11-12 Six fingered hands (or feet) You were born with 6 fingers on one or more of your appendages. (No evident effect but some cultures may shun you.)
13 Pointed Teeth Your teeth have grown long and pointed. -2 to all charisma skill checks. You gain a bite attack that does 1d2 damage.
14-15 Light Sensitivity Your skin and eyes are overly sensitive to bright lights. -2 to all attack and damage rolls, -2 to all skill checks while in bright light (such as sunlight).
16 Fresh Meat Your constitution is such that you only derive nourishment from uncooked meat. You must eat at least one pound of fresh meat a day or begin suffering the effects of starvation.
17 Corruption The touch of some baneful deity is upon you. When you cast spells, you wither all natural vegetation in a 5 foot radius per spell level of the spell being cast.
18 Iron Allergy Your metabolism has developed a certain negative reaction to Iron ores. Weapons and other items made of cold forged iron do 1d4 extra points of damage to you. Even holding something made of cold iron in your hand will do 1d4 damage per round to you until the item is discarded. Cold Iron weapons do their normal damage plus 1d4 for being forged of Cold Iron.
19 Silver Allergy Your metabolism has developed a certain negative reaction to Silver. Weapons and other items made of silver do 1d4 extra points of damage to you. Even holding something made of silver in your hand will do 1d4 damage per round to you until the item is discarded. Silver weapons do their normal damage plus 1d4 for being forged of silver. Silver plated items and weapons only do 1 point of damage instead of 1d4.
20 Unholy The dark gods have marked you as one of their chosen. You take damage from holy water. -4 to your Charisma. Undead tend to ignore you and animals shun you.

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