The 9

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Guardians of the Grave Children of the Land
The Guild The 9
Starless Knight

The reclusive Druidic Council of Kashagar, The 9 are the the strongest druids in Traykon. Some of the members of this group are publicly known, others keep their identities secret from all but eight other individuals. All druids of Traykon give The 9 at least a grudging respect and will comply if asked to do something by the council. Although all druids are independent of one another, a minor link exists in their recognition of The 9 as the ultimate druidic authority. Rogue druids have been known to exist but they are a very rare occurrence.

Druids of Note

Morvik Tailchaser, a goblin druid of surprising skill, resides in the Harrowburrow Hills in northern Kashagar. He is one of he public members of The 9. Morvik is known to gather together groups of goblins, beasts, and humanoids into large raiding parties to raid those who displease him or harm nature.