The Lost God

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(Elder God)
God of Elemental Fury

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Elements
Worshipers:Runeweavers, Madmen, Evil Druids
Cleric Alignment: Any (non-lawful)
Domains: Air, Destruction, Earth, Fire, Ice, Madness, Rune, Void, Water
Favored Weapon: Deadwood Staff

The Lost God was one of the first entities born from The Void. Concerned only with creation, the Lost God forged elements into fantastic shapes and combinations and sent them spinning throughout the vastness of eternity. There were three others that shared the void. The embodiment of Order gave the creations structure, folding them into their proper place within the void. The embodiment of Chaos twisted and altered the creations, making no two identical. The embodiment of Oblivion destroyed the creations, sending them back to the void from which they were born. Soon, other entities were born and the gods imposed their will on the creations.

All records of what happened to the four Elder Elemental Gods were purged from existence. It is believed Order sacrificed himself to give eternal structure to the void. The other three were somehow trapped by their children in a prison where their powers would be confined for eternity. The younger gods populated worlds in the new multiverse. Eons passed as new gods arose and old ones passed into obscurity. The very existence of the Elder Elemental Gods was forgotten.

The prison could not hold them for eternity. Eventually, their power prevailed and they burst from their prison intent on revenge... only to see that everything had changed. Some of their children were strong enough to oppose them for while they were imprisoned the gods gained the power of devout souls. After watching how this new order interacted, they extended their influence to mortals gaining worshipers amongst those with souls. Only too late did the children of the Elder Elemental Gods suspect that the great powers of creation had escaped. Now their true revenge begins.

Trapped in prison with the essence of Chaos and Oblivion did not sit well with the essence of Creation. All of the creations formed in the prison were perverted beyond recognition and destroyed before The Lost God could take pleasure in their existence. It took eons, but eventually, this situation became too much for the Lost God and he began to create elements of destruction, entities, and objects that existed only for moments before destroying themselves by their very nature. A sort of madness came over the Lost God and he became lost to insanity. After his escape, this madness focused on an almost perverse love of the elements of creation used for destruction.

History/Relationships: In Traykon's early days, The Lost God was revered by many who sought the powers of the elements to shape the world around them. A capricious deity, The Lost God was known to turn against even the most devout of worshipers. As the world became tamed by magic and the advances of civilization, the worship of The Lost God waned and his priesthood dwindled.

After the first great cataclysm, people turned to The Lost God for salvation. Now people who live with the threat of elemental fury try to appease The Lost God with sacrifices and devotions. There are no temples to The Lost God but shrines exist wherever people fear the elements. The few priests who follow this god are thought madmen and many are quite insane. Like The Lost God himself, these followers seem to take perverse pleasure in the destruction brought about by the elements.

The Lost God seems to honor no other deities' domains, sending nature's elements against even the most holy of sites. Aragon and The Unnamed One share a common inception with The Lost God, and due to this strange fact, the three priesthoods are on good terms and cooperate whenever their interests intersect. At one time, a few deities openly opposed The Lost God but his indifference and seemingly inexhaustible appetite for elemental fury, even deities like Abnoba suffer through his rampages and tell their followers to avoid him whenever possible.

Bearers of Madness: Sometimes people become so obsessed with the Lost God that their insanity overwhelms all sense of self-preservation. These followers mangle themselves by carving out their eyes and placing runes over the holes. These runes may mean something but are unknown by scholars who have researched their meaning. Due to their devotion, they gain nonmagical Blindsense out to 20 feet at level 1. Over time, this sense gets stronger and by level 8 they gain Blindsight 10 feet. Blindsight is based on increased sensitivity to touch and hearing so anything that impairs these senses can negate Blindsight. Magical attempts to regenerate the eyes always fail as long as the priest is devoted. High priests, those level 16+, increase their Blindsight out to 30 feet and gain the ability to Track by scent.

Dogma: The Lost God teaches through example, encouraging his devotees to immerse themselves into the more violent side of nature and the elements. Only by looking into the very heart of destruction can they truly fathom the nature of creation. There is a secret knowledge hidden in the madness, however, and those who follow the teachings of The Lost God are continuously tempted into further insanity by catching glimpses of the truth within elemental devastation. The devout believe that one day the deity will find a worthy soul to whom he could teach the greatest secrets of creation.

Avatar: The Lost God doesn't take an avatar as normal deities. Instead, he animates the elements of nature themselves and becomes a force of nature to oppose his opponents. Even if his form is destroyed, he seems to have the ability to reform into yet another aspect of elemental fury.