The Silver Palm

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Monk Archetypes
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Guardians of the Grave The Silver Palm

Membership in the Silver Palm is never very high. The reason tends to be their near suicidal tendency to always end up in harms way. The Silver Palm never "play it safe." They never let others act when they are still capable.

Requirements: Members of the Silver Palm may be of any background. They are normally Good but a few Neutral monks find their ways into this order. Evil monks cannot learn the teachings of this "holy" order of monks.

Living Harmony

Members of the Order have learned to get in touch with the life stream of the universe and to channel it through their bodies to heal other creatures. A member of the Silver Palm may cure up to 1d6 points of damage per level each day. This curing ability can be in any amount that adds up to no more than 1d6 per level. (i.e. A ninth level Silver Palm can cure 2d6 damage in himself, 3d6 in a companion, and still have 4d6 worth of curing to use for the remainder of the day.)

This ability replaces the free Stunning Fist feat. It also prevents Wholeness of Body from being gained.

Special: The Silver Palm often create small monasteries in large towns. The members of this order try to do the most healing that they can while they are on this plane. Often, a Silver Palm will open a monastery only to leave it untended while he goes out trying to heal the wounded or aid adventurers with his Living Harmony. More than one abandoned monastery can be found in border areas. Often, good priesthoods will take over the maintenance of a monastery while the Silver Palm is away. Any Silver Palm can teach another the ways of the Order. They have a hierarchy that appears to be based on how well they can heal.