The Void

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This section concerns the area of reality referred to as The Void. Often, other areas are referred to as The Void such as the great darkness between the stars or the vacuum of space. While those areas exist and are sometimes referred to by the same name, The Void is a primal force that predates existence.

The Void is the remnant of the formless vacuum that predates creation and the awareness of The One. Once the original being became aware, the dimensions and properties of the Void were defined as finite. As the shadow of creation, the Void is a cosmic nothingness where energy and matter break down and dissolve into the great shadow of formlessness. Some theologians believe that before anything existed there was only The Void, and that all of creation sprang out from a rupture to form what we know now as the cosmos. The more morbid-minded believe all things will eventually be sucked back into The Void.

The very existence of the Void has been disputed and misunderstood for time beyond reckoning. Many supposed the void was a thing that had ceased to be, a simple echo of creation that was no more. Others theorized that it was the place from which sprung the positive and negative material planes and is the junction of where the two meet. Some entities believe the Void is just an extension of the Negative Energy Plane. Others still believe the void encompasses all creation and extends away from known form and matter. The true nature of the void is hotly debated but only the followers of the Elder Gods seem to have an intimate understanding of the great oblivion.

The void can actually only be approached in the fold between the negative material plane and the plane of shadows. At the juncture of those two planes, the only remaining link to the Void exists. The entities who formed the multiverse attempted to hide this opening in the most inhospitable and secluded place imaginable. Powerful entities discovered it in antiquity but any who descended into the maw of the Void either ceased to be or returned as a Nightshade. Even deities who descended into the Void were never seen again.

With the resurgence of the The Unnamed One, a structure now appears deep in the crevice that leads into the Void. The Umbral Citadel is said to touch on all planes at once but has its heart grounded in the Void. From this dark place of extinction, the Dark God hatches his plots and directs the flow of entropy back into the Void. Many refer to him as the Guardian of the Void since the deity seems to be both immune to the oblivion that draws all beings into the depths of the crevice and master of the darkness that flows outward from the ultimate nothingness.

No entity can exist within the Void. Any being who tries to enter the dimensional fold which contains the opening to the Void either comes at the behest of The Unnamed One or they are drawn into the chasm and consigned to oblivion. Souls who pass beyond the Umbral Citadel disintegrate and fade into the darkness. All matter, energy, and magic that flow toward the Void are sucked within and attempt to draw their source into the depths.