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For a long time I have worked at creating art. From photography, ink sketches, colored pencils, pastels, paints, and on to computer graphics in multiple formats. My attempts at art cover four decades of triumph, failure, and pain. Throughout the evolution of my desire and ability I have explored many mediums. This section of the website is dedicated to the evolution and inspiration of my art.

My Graphics

ImageBB Site

I created an online gallery for my work hosted by ImageBB. The site doesn't have my entire catalog of work but it does have a lot of my small "one off" works that I have done in practicing techniques. Also hosted there are derivative works I've done using open source or CC0 graphics. I have things separated into galleries to differentiate them.


I remember when this site was new. I joined it and started sharing photography at first. Then I began to work on other aspects as it grew and my work diversified. I don't upload to it regularly but I do post some artwork there as well as other things. It's a good resource for people who want inspiration.

3d Graphic Artists Who Have Inspired Me.

DM Productions

No longer in existence as a standalone company, the two artists behind this company are now working for Daz3D as staff creators. Back in 2007, they gave the small company I was working with rights to use all their work. Up until 2009 we would get new versions of their work regularly and work it into our art. They created some of the first full models I worked into complicated scenes. Even though they are outdated, I still use some of their original models today in my work. Their work is now owned by Daz3D and they can be found working together and separately on Daz Original creations.


A 3d model creator whose work gave me direction and versatility throughout.

Collected Artwork

Character Art Gallery

Some character art collected from many open source or free to use sites. These aren't available for commercial use but are for personnal use.

Pixabay Artists

Artists often post their stuff online so others can use their work. I am linking just a few whose collections I have used or who have inspired me.

Mystic Art Design
Roland Nikrandt