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Note About Traykon Websites

Move to Interserver

I have recently moved to Interserver webhost. They have unlimited bandwidth and disk space, as well as the latest in database and php versions available. Their customer support was able to answer my email questions within an hour when I've queried them. With a vast host of features that I didn't have on GoDaddy, I have decided to make my site a Wiki portal so I can host all of my data in an easily referenced manner. Due to the HUGE list of possible additions and scripts that come with the domain, I may be adding more features within the unlimited subdomains as time goes by. This is the largest change I've made to my website since 2010 but luckily I had a head start due to starting with Wiki about a year ago and building up a free version of Traykon on a free wiki site. Due to the ease of collating my data, there should be a lot more information available at this site than on my previous versions of the Traykon Campaign. I no longer have to edit offline and upload to the server so many hurdles to converting information have disappeared.

Traykon's Recent Changes

Traykon began originally on a geocities website called The Oblivion. Sometime around 2006, it moved to it's own domain at with accompanying email and administration privileges. The yearly price for the website ran just over $50. In November of 2019, the yearly cost for renewal is quoted at $148.04 for the minimum hosting package through Upon upgrading my various website programs, I discovered that GoDaddy was not allowing PHP to be upgraded beyond 5.6 for their economy package. What this meant was that my Wiki and 3 other additions to the site would cease to function if I did security upgrades as their version of php and MySQL were now going below the minimum requirements for the programs to work. I can no longer in good conscience pay the ever increasing cost of economy hosting for a personal project when the webhost can't even meet the basic server requirements to host popular features.