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Traykon has several unique monsters. Although Dragons have their own section, other monsters will be collected here for quick reference.

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Creature Types

Gnoll CR Varied

A special nod needs to be given for the most common humanoid monster in Traykon. Where some campaigns elevate goblins or orcs to the status or primary opponents for humaoid habitations, in Traykon that threat is from the Gnoll hoards.

Zombie CR 1/2

This walking corpse wears only a few soiled rags, its flesh rotting off its bones as it stumbles forward, arms outstretched.

Ghoul CR 1

Ghouls are undead that haunt graveyards and eat corpses.

Ghast CR 2

A ghast’s paralysis even affects elves. Ghasts roam in packs of their own kind or lead groups of common ghouls. The stink of death and corruption surrounding these creatures is overwhelming.

Sahuagin CR 2

This scaly humanoid has a long, fish-like tail. Its arms and legs end in webbed claws, and its piscine head features a toothy maw.

Dune Wolf CR 3

This special breed of wolf is only encountered as the companion of the Bothrain, the Tuzsani mystics. The lupine appearance of these creatures makes hides their near human intellect. In combat, they are cunning foes who work well with their companions and often disable spellcasters first before moving on to the next, weakest opponent. Dune Wolves are capable of crudely speaking Vaslier, the tongue of the Tuzsani.

Shadow CR 3

The shadow is an undead horror, and as such has no goals or outwardly visible motivations other than to sap life and vitality from living beings.

Wight CR 3

Wights are humanoids who rise as undead due to necromancy, a violent death, or an extremely malevolent personality. In some cases, a wight arises when an evil undead spirit permanently bonds with a corpse, often the corpse of a slain warrior

Elven War Horse CR 4

Breed by the L'sameliqu, the Wild Elves, these horses are heartier and live longer than any other breed of horse. They are treasures of the L'Sameliqu and outsiders are never allowed to possess one.

Vampire Spawn CR 4

Spawned from greater Vampires, these spawn are seldom far from their masters. Still, they make formidable opponents.

Giant Owl CR 5

This enormous owl has a silent gracefulness and wisdom about it despite its considerable size.

Mummy CR 5

Created to guard the tombs of the honored dead, mummies are ever vigilant for those who would desecrate their sacred ground.

Wraith CR 5

Wraiths are undead creatures born of evil and darkness. They hate light and living things, as they have lost much of their connection to their former lives.

Spectre CR 7

Spectres are evil undead that hate sunlight and living things. Most are the remnants of murdered or evil humans, their anger preventing them from entering the afterlife. Like ghosts, spectres haunt the places of their deaths, and seek to draw others into the lonely abyss of undeath.

Mohrg CR 8

Those who slay many over the course of their lifetimes, be they serial killers, mass-murderers, warmongering soldiers, or battle-driven berserkers, become marked and tainted by the sheer weight of their murderous deeds. When such killers are brought to justice and publicly executed for their heinous crimes before they have a chance to atone, the remains sometimes return to unlife to continue their dark work as a mohrg.

Plated Dragon CR 8

Sometime in the ancient past magical forces imbued a large land predator with the power of draconic blood. Although it has no spell like abilities or flight, these creatures are terrors on the open ground.

Vampire CR 9

Vampires are most often humans in origin but there is the possibility that other races fall afoul of these nightmare undead.

Mummy Lord CR 10

Many cultures practice the sacred art of mummification, though the sinister magical techniques used to imbue corpses with undead vitality are far less widespread. In certain ancient lands, such blasphemous techniques have been ref ined through centuries of ceremony and countless deaths, giving rise to mummies of terrible power.