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Morval recruited Ulan to be a Guardian of the Shadowlands and to protect one of the two portals to the outside realms. As guardian of death and master of souls, Ulan is bound to Ina Po in many ways as her opposite and complementary partner. Where Ina Po concerns herself with the corporeal remains left in Traykon, Ulan focuses on the disposition of spirits and souls.
(Intermediate God)
Death, The Soul Collector, The Eternal One, He Who Waits

Symbol: Lily
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Death, Travel, Resurrection
Worshipers: Necromancers, Assassins, Gravewardens
Cleric Alignment: LN, N, CN
Domains: Repose, Travel, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Scythe
Special Minion: Mord Wraith, Golvor

Ulan (Oo lawn), deity of Death and the Afterlife, is portrayed as a gaunt figure in a flowing black cloak. Ulan has no formal churches and few clerics. He is the consort and companion of Ina Po, the Stern Lady. Ulan actively opposes any deity who promotes undeath.

Ulan's priesthood is small for a deity of his rank. His clerics are known for their discipline and resolve. Clerics of Ulan seek out and destroy sentient undead, advise those who accept death, and administer funerals. They wear black or gray robes and often hide their features with matching hooded cloaks.

Temples to Ulan are extremely rare. Most of his temples are located in or near graveyards or catacombs, and many are located within temples of Ina Po. Ulan is also the central figure in a mysterious cult, the Silver Path. His priests pray for their spells at sundown or midnight. Like priests of Ina Po, Ulan's faithful pass Spirit Night standing Vigil against the risen dead. A strange phenomenon of the worship of Ulan is his support of Sacred Prostitutes.

History/Relationships: Ulan is an ancient deity of Traykon. Writings say that he was the gatherer of all souls who died. He began as a simple funerary deity who "guided" those recently deceased to their place in the afterlife through his connection to the Shadowlands. His power grew and after the first cataclysm, his power rivaled that of some of the creator deities.

Religious sages believe that Ulan was once a mortal priest of Ina Po who ascended to godhood. The truth of this is unknown but the two deities do seem to be intimately connected beyond that of mere lovers. Some philosophers theorize that Ulan exerted influence over Traykon long before Ina Po joined him.

Ulan opposes all deities who promote undeath. Ulan reserves a special hatred for The Unnamed One and his agents, he orders his priests to oppose them whenever encountered. Ina Po, Shahara, and Yggdrasil are strong allies of Ulan. Most nature deities are on friendly terms with his priesthood since they promote the destruction of the undead.

Dogma: To some, Ulan represents the void at the end of existence. His followers try to show that death is nothing to be feared and is a normal process of existence.

Ulan tells his followers that death is normal. The soul must leave the mortal body to be able to complete its journey. Death is not the end to the followers of Ulan, but a wonderful beginning. The faithful believe that Ulan collects souls to hasten their journey to the afterlife. Those he finds worthy join him in his citadel in the Shadowlands. After a proper time of reflection, the souls are then sent back to the mortal world for a chance to live more rewarding lives.

Avatar: Ulan doesn't have an Avatar. He is able to work directly in Traykon by Sending his essence into a vessel. Ulan's Vessel is normally is a very powerful humanoid. The Vessel retains all of its abilities but gains the following:

  • Death Touch: Like the domain ability (at will).
  • Resistance 30 to Fire/Ice/Cold/Electricity/Energy
  • Regeneration/40
  • Damage Reduction 10/+3

These abilities are granted to the Vessel as long as Ulan has the need for an agent. Once Ulan recalls his Sending, the Vessel returns to being a normal mortal. The Strain of being a Vessel of Ulan is so great that the mortal creature must have bed rest for one week to recover. Until that time, even the slightest exertion exhausts the character. He can defend himself but suffers a -6 for all actions. Vessels with fewer than 9 Hit Dice (or levels) are consumed by the possession and they simply die once the Sending is recalled.