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Although these monsters may be divine in nature or otherwise fall into another category, they are Unique and there is only one specimen of each. Due to their Unique nature, it is not recommended that Game Masters have their players encounter these entities at lower levels or as major villians for their campaigns. In most cases, the monsters below can't really be destroyed by normal means and therefore are far beyond the power and understanding of mortals.

Night Stalker CR 18

This creature is always seen within 100 miles of the town of Blacksway. It is believed something atop the Basalt Peak guarded by the city calls to the greater Nightshade. Few entities dare get in it's way and it seldom stops it's constant stalking around the mountain.

Twilight Dragon CR 23

The Twilight Dragon is a unique dragon born of the Shadowlands and is a servant of The Unnamed One. Unlike other dragons, the Twilight Dragon was not born from an egg but was instead born from the depths of the Umbral Citadel. Should his physical form be destroyed, it disperses into the Shadowlands where it reforms within the Umbral Citadel within a few days and re-emerges fully healed with all its powers intact.

Like The Unnamed One, the Twilight Dragon has no name. All beings reference it as simply The Twilight Dragon and other dragon kind sometimes refer to it as Twilight. As the undisputed king of the dragons within the Shadowlands, the Twilight Dragon is revered and considered the nominal leader of the Umbral Dragons.