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(Intermediate God)
"God of Strength"

Symbol: Upturned Fist
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Worshipers: Fighters, Barbarians, Rogues, athletes
Cleric Alignment: LG, NG, CG, N
Domains: Chaos, Glory, Good, Luck, Strength
Favored Weapon: Battle Axe

Volac is the god of strength and athletic prowess. His followers are those who venerate the sculpted physique of true athletes and warriors.

Worshipers of Volac can be found all over Traykon but are most common in the Barbarian communities of the Northern Steppes. They often compete in various forms of athletic prowess such as wrestling or running races. Shrines to Volac often include obstacle courses or other physical challenges nearby that the faithful frequently utilize.

History and Relationships: The worship of Volac goes back to the beginning of Traykon. Ancient writings mention the deity and his influence has grown and ebbed with the millennia. In some areas his influence is great and his worship is considered a mark of distinction. Gladiatorial arenas are often consecrated to Volac and games of all nature held in his name.

Volac is often depicted as a messenger for other gods. His love of physical combat drives him to often interact with mortals where he challenges champions to competitions of might. All good and many neutral deities will utilize Volac as a messenger when they wish to issue a proclamation without using their priesthood. Such is his eagerness to compete that they simply need to make sure a worthy competitor is made available. He often works closely with Belos and Barak since the former does not like to interact directly with mortals and the later often seeks to encourage and empower his followers. Evil deities in general strive against Volac but Naraska and Ebrim seem to hold a special hatred for Volac.

Clergy: The priests of Volac are always impressive physical specimens. Male and female clerics wear clothing and armor that reveals as much of their physique as modesty permits. They preach the need to be physically strong and resilient. Mortality is a special duty as well as a trial. Spontaneous contests of strength are common among the clergy and the most fit often find themselves in positions of leadership. People often praise Volac and his teachings although they may hold another deity as their patron. Avatar: Volac often comes to Traykon as an avatar. He appears as a very large, physically fit member of whatever race he is appearing before. He is quick to challenge anyone he sees as offering competition to a test of physical strength or endurance. Although he is quick to compete against others, he seldom ever engages in deadly combat. By either design or coincidence, Volac has never contested against another Avatar.