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Traykon began originally on a geocities website called The Oblivion in the late 1990s. Sometime around 2006, it moved to it's own domain at with accompanying email and administration privileges. The yearly price for the website ran just over $50.

In October of 2019, the yearly cost for renewal was quoted at $148.04 for the minimum hosting package through Upon upgrading my various website programs, I discovered that GoDaddy was not allowing PHP to be upgraded beyond 5.6 for their economy package. What this meant was that my Wiki and 3 other additions to the site would cease to function if I did security upgrades as their version of php and MySQL were now going below the minimum requirements for the programs to work. I could no longer in good conscience pay the ever increasing cost of economy hosting for a personal project when the webhost couldn't even meet the basic server requirements to host popular features.

I temporarily hosted my website on a free host (although I am keeping the domain name and pointing it to said site) at Due to the restrictions of a free host, I had to separate some features out to various other sites. Since I made this decision with less than 1 month left on my service through GoDaddy, I was unable to move all my features to a new host until I researched their capabilities so I did't run into this same issue of being able to upgrade again.

I moved to Interserver at the end of October 2019. While exploring the capabilities of hosts, I found out that most had pretty severe restrictions on file size, number of files, and bandwidth. The first site I engaged shut down my site within 10 hours for exceeding their bandwidth even though I had yet to upload everything I needed yet. Simply redirecting my domain to that host overwhelmed their "economy" package. I won't say who they were but luckily I had a 30 day trial and was able to get my money back when I canceled my subscription. Interserver was actually my 3rd try with a host and I had great experiences with them.

Interserver actually hosts multiple versions of up to date PHP including beta updates. I was capable of choosing the latest stable release and installed this wiki. During the install, the software failed and the site became corrupted. The technicians were able to look at it for me and discovered that the php version I had set it to was not compatible with the MediaWiki version so they lowered it one version and everything worked fine.

I was able to upload my 4 gigabyte database backup without hitting any data caps. While merging the database, I had no troubles but the indexing was not done automatically. I had to get shell access to run the php script manually to merge and index the database. The technicians were able to grant me shell access within the hour.

Interserver also had one of the best price packages for hosting. At my needs I pay approximately $52 a year for hosting. This package is a guaranteed renewal cost so I won't have to worry about the "price creep" I had with GoDaddy. Bandwidth wasn't an issue with their hosting packages. Even though I only need about 4gb of data monthly, I have no limit with Interserver. There are many software packages with Interserver and I do not have to purchase extra database space as I add services.

At the beginning of November 2020 I moved my domain registration over to Interserver as well. My GoDaddy registration would have been $28 for a year but Interserver (with protection plan) was only $16. Although I did have some trouble with the migration, it was on the GoDaddy end and having to call to get the account protection turned off by their tech.

In total, I have saved myself in excess of $100 per year by transferring hosts. I also managed to get a host that has up to date infrastructure and server software. While it was a hastle, it has been a wonderful experience.

Note: I was told in 2018 that Godaddy was trying to phase out the low cost package I was on and that was why the cost increased so dramatically.