Ice Keep

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The only known permanent settlement of the Frost Giants, Ice Keep stands as the center of their culture and the focal point of their religion. Created hundreds of years ago by Frost Giant craftsmen, Ice Keep is a forbidding stone and ice structure carved right out of the heart of a mountain. Few non-giants have ever entered it's halls and lived to tell its secrets. Grand Jarl Caraknar now leads the Frost Giant civilization.

300 years ago, priests of The Unnamed One overthrew the reigning Jarl and took control of the civilization. Since that time, undead have increased the ranks of the Frost Giants raiding parties. Powerful enemies that were once able to hold the giants at bay, found themselves assaulted by Vampires, Ghouls, and much worse. It did not take the giants long to solidify their hold on the area around Ice Keep.

The Frost Giant's are organized into several "clans" who are ruled by a Jarl. Clans are formed by families and can number anywhere from 20 to 500 members of a single clan. These clans owe fealty to the Grand Jarl and recognize his word as law. Individual Jarls have complete control over their clans and any dissenters either leave the clan or die. A Jarl can be challenged for the title only once every two years, during the Giant Moot held at Ice Keep.

Ice Keep is the center of the Frost Giant's trade as well as culture. Spoils and treasure of all types are gathered at the fortress and skilled craftsmen turn raw materials into works of war and beauty. Clerics if The Dark One have supported a very cultured outlook and sculptors are becoming common among the giants. A bone carving from Ice Keep can fetch a high price in the markets to the far south. Skill and necromantic power has also led the giant's to create bone weapons of incredible strength.

Important Sites

Rage Spire

This volcanic mountain is one of the last active volcanoes in the north. The many hot springs around the mountain draws humanoids and beasts of all types. Frost Giant's frequent this area as well to prey on those requiring the heat of this mountain to survive.

Rage Spire gained its name from a lone human warrior who fled a Frost Giant raiding party to the very edge of the volcanic crater. The human entered a frenzied rage and defeated his pursuers. His rage was so terrible that the mountain shook at his visage. After all enemies had been slain, the human crumpled into the volcanoes mouth, silencing the shaking.

A tribe of goblins lives near the volcano and whenever the volcano begins to shake the ground, their strongest warrior goes to the top of the mountain and offers himself up to the spirit of rage that they believe lives in the crater. So far, this has kept the volcano from erupting. Frost Giants will not pursue fleeing prey to the mouth of the volcano.

Carnage Gorge

This gorge earned its name from the Gnolls that inhabit the walls of the gorge. Those who have attempted to follow Gnoll raiders into the gorge have been slaughtered. A clan of frost giants once tried to purge the gorge and they were slaughtered to the last member. The rocks of the gorge have a reddish tint as if the slaughter of thousands has tainted the very ground. Gnoll shamans occasionally take captives and sacrifice them in dark rituals at the base of the gorge.