Sample Purifying Rituals

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Ritual Failure Sample Purifying Rituals

Purify Self

Created by a devout follower of Volac, this purification ritual was repeated daily by the character as part of his devotions to his deity. As the GM during the campaign, I gave the character an extra experience award for sticking to this devotion as it had little effect on game play.

Abjuration (Divine Ritual)

Ritual DC: 14
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 10 turns
Range: Personal
Area: Self
Duration: 24 hours
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes
Seeds: Ward (DC 14)
Factors: None
Cost To Develop: 10 gp, 1 day
XP Cost: None

A daily bathing ritual that is performed after the sun first rises. The player removes all armor and clothing and bathes with fresh, running water while meditating on the will of their god and reciting a devotional prayer. The ritual purifies the person in the eyes of their god and removes any "taint" associated with minor sins or through contact with individuals who follow another deity. This spell has the same effects of an Atonement spell cast by a cleric of the same level as the character.

Backlash: Only if the character has deliberately or knowingly acted against the teachings of his deity. In such cases the character must succeed at a second Ritual Check (DC 24) or immediately suffer a 1,000 XP loss.

Failure: No effect

Flame of Absolution

This ritual purification was created and used by a character upon his ritual tools prior to performing a complicated ritual task.


Ritual DC: 16
Components: S
Casting Time: 10 turns
Range: Touch
Area: Object touched
Duration: 24 hours or until used in another ritual
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes
Seeds: Ward (DC 14)
Factors: No Verbal Component (+2)
Cost To Develop: 10 gp, 1 day
XP Cost: None'

A candle is lit and placed on the alter area. Each tool is passed above the flame of the candle and then laid at the base of the candle pointing toward the candle. At the completion of the ritual, the tools are either used for more complicated ritual work or wrapped in purified cloth to be later used. This ritual has the effect of removing negative associations with the items so purified. Items used in ritual work tend to absorb some of the latent energies of the ritual and this purification removes those energies so they do not effect future ritual work with the items.

Backlash: None

Failure: No effect

Cleansing Circle

Created by me for an NPC ritual leader who used ritual magic as his primary method of harassing his enemies (including the PCs). The NPC used this method of purification for major ritual work. The PCs were witness to this ritual work twice and neither time guessed the true reason for this ritual.

Abjuration, Evocation [Fire]

Ritual DC: 25
Components: S
Casting Time: 20 turns
Range: 10 ft. radius around caster.
Area: 20 foot diameter circle
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex Half
Spell Resistance: Yes
Seeds: Ward (DC 14), Energy (DC 19)
Factors: No Verbal Component (+2), Increase Casting Time (-10)
Cost To Develop: 5,000 gp, 5 weeks
XP Cost: 500 XP

This ritual requires some preparation and usually the aid of a helper to complete. The caster builds a circle of wood of a single type (usually Cedar, Ash, or Sandalwood) roughly 20 foot in diameter to represent the area of effect for the ritual. All ritual tools and items needing purification (including the caster) are moved into the center of the circle. The ritual caster then invokes elemental fire to ignite the circle. Once begun, the circle turns into a Wall of Fire]] radiating outward. While within the center of the circle, the ritual caster can not engage in any more strenuous activity than breathing or standing or the ritual doesn't work. The ritual caster has the choice of all things within the circle of fire be subject to a dispel magic, good, evil, law, or chaos as cast by a character of the same level as the ritual caster.

If the ritual is disrupted by someone magically dousing the flame or physically breaching the Wall of Fire then the ritual ends immediately and the fire turns into normal flame. The ritual caster is then free to act in any way. At the completion of a successful ritual check, the caster and all objects are considered purified as if affected by a Break Enchantment spell as cast from a caster of the same level as the ritual leader.

Backlash: None

Failure: Ritual caster and objects are subject to 5d6 fire damage. Combustible objects burst into flame.