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Traykon is a world where magic has run amok for far too long and the consequences nearly wiped out all life. Mages became all-powerful and ruled whole continents. Wars between mage guilds transformed the land and the creatures into twisted shells of their former selves. It was at this time that an insane deity stepped into the fray and sundered the world. For centuries, wielders of arcane magic have been locked away behind a veil of divine magic. Now arcane magic is returning. Can mages survive in a world that has come to both deify and diabolize them?

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The darkness swirls around you as your senses betray your rigidly structured view of reality and its component truths. Half formed ideas and gargantuan concepts spin by your essence, dancing to a cadence both familiar and at the same time exotic. The dark cacophony of your inner voice screams that this eclectic melding of thought and deed can not exist in the world to which you are so accustomed. Truths that melt your shields of arrogance and freeze your un-tempered rage strike at you from within the gray swirls that have become your home and cerebral prison. You are caught in the dark expanse of the Oblivion. The geography is alien, the occupants exotic, and the worst part is that your inner being has begun to meld into the formless void of existence to which you now find yourself confined. Welcome to the Oblivion.

Traykon began as the sanctuary of a god-ling named Morval who needed a laboratory to forge artifacts of amazing power. In the formative years, the ancient blood of primal dragons was brought to Traykon to fuel the ambient magic of the realm. From the far realms of Arcadia, a large graft of land was ripped away and used to form an island in Traykon's waters. The lands of the fey brought with them latent powers unlike those of the ancient dragons that had begun seeping into the heart of Traykon. Created deep in Morval's forge, gateways to the elemental planes poured raw energy into the realm. Traykon became so awash with magical powers that when mortals were introduced to the new realm their magical abilities began to rival the gods themselves.

When mortals covered the surface of the land and magical forces were unleashed capable of returning the land back to its primal form, Morval flexed his will and The Great Cataclysm befell Traykon. The continent of Traykon was sundered, with great walls of water rushing in to separate the lands. Civilizations fell and the greater magics drained away with the forces that reshaped the land. Millennia later, kingdoms began to reform as the races began to win their battle for survival and dominance. It took centuries for kingdoms to form, rise, and fall. Finally, a new regime arose driven by a newly discovered magic that used the Runes of Creation, magical arcane runes that dated back to the creation of the multiverse. With the rise of this new magical power, once again magical energies have begun to grow as forces unleashed their power upon one another. However, once again the seductive power of magic drew down a cataclysm upon the face of Traykon.

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Here at The Oblivion Dungeons and Dragons Archive, we will host the Traykon Campaign setting. I will also attempt to utilize the various Open Gaming Content to make available Downloads, Programs, DM Aids, Player Aids, Campaign Helpers, Reference Sheets, Alignment Information, Additional Skill Usage, Feats, Equipment, and an expansive Class and Prestige Class section. This site is maintained by Bryan Rutherford and is part of the Oblivion Webgroup.

Featured Content: Game Breaking Magic Item (Rift Blade)

The Traykon Campaign based on the systems used in Pathfinder version 1 and Dungeons and Dragons Editions 3 and 3.5. Although all statistics and features are based on those compatible systems, it would be simple for someone to convert the material presented here to Pathfinder version 2 or Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. I have no experience with 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons but have been assured many of the items and concepts convert with ease although statistics require some complex conversions.

After over 3 decades of playing some version of Dungeons and Dragons, I find myself at a point where I simply have no ability to game currently. Due to friends and family spreading out across the globe and the lack of a player base in the rural area where I live, I simply am unable to gather a gaming group that can meet more than once every 2 or 3 months. That is no way to play the game.... Therefore I am no longer producing new content based on new or updated systems. I am instead expanding upon the existing world of Traykon using the systems last used by my core gaming group.

There is quite a bit of information about the world of Traykon that never made it onto the internet. It is my mission now to transcribe as much of it as I can into an accessible format so my scattered players can reuse the world they were accustomed to. Traykon was a complex game world that evolved through four different game editions. I intend to provide that vast accumulation of information to the world in the hope that someone can derive pleasure and perhaps enhance their own gaming experience. Traykon continues to thrive!

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