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Arrow Type Cost Damage Critical Weight Type
Barbed, single 2 sp 1d8 x3 0.2lb Piercing
Blunt-headed (20) 5 sp 1d4 x2 3lb Bludgeoning
Crystal, single 10 gp 1d6 x3 0.2 lb Piercing
Flaming, single 5 sp 1d4 x2 0.2lb Bludgeoning
Frog crotch, single 2 sp 1d8 x2 0.2lb Piercing
Grappling, single 20 gp 1d6 x2 2lb Bludgeoning
Hummingbulb, single 2 sp 1d3 x2 0.2lb Bludgeoning
Message, single 3 sp 1d8 x3 0.2lb Piercing

Barbed Arrow: Commonly used for fishing, these arrowheads feature 2-6 backwards-facing barbs, ensuring they lodge in the target when they hit. They cause an extra 1d6 damage if removed carelessly, and take twice as long to remove as normal arrows.

Blunt-Headed Arrow: These are common arrows simply made without arrowheads, and are used to hunt small birds and animals, without ruining their pelt.

Crystal Arrow: These arrows are made out of a red crystal. Upon impact, these arrows shatter causing an additional 1d4 piercing damage. Once these arrows have struck their target, any vigorous movement by the target causes an additional 1 point of damage due to the crystal shards embedded in the skin. The shards may only be removed by a successful heal check (DC 20) or by the spell Heal or Regeneration. All other magical and mundane forms of healing leave the shards inside. Further vigorous movement causes the 1 point of damage.

Flaming Arrow: These arrows typically feature a hollow wooden or cloth head, filled with fabric that has been soaked in oil or pitch, making it extremely flammable, easy to light, and difficult to extinguish. They are used to ignite flammable targets, but also make useful signal flares in dark conditions. Needless to say, flaming arrows are one-use items, as they tend to burn themselves.

Frog Crotch Arrow: This unusual arrow has a V-shaped arrowhead, the two prongs of which form the points of the arrow. The inside edge of the V is sharpened, making this arrowhead well-suited to severing rope or cord (reduce the DC of such attempts by 5).

Grappling Arrow: The grappling arrow features a scaled-down grappling hook as a head, and trails a strong but light, 100' length of cord. The grappling arrow fired in order to reach locations the user would not otherwise be able to throw a normal grappling hook.

Hummingbulb Arrow: The bulbous tips of this arrow is carved and hollow, producing a loud, high-pitched whistle when fired that can be heard up to a mile away in good weather conditions, making it a useful signaling device. Hummingbulb arrows break with any firm impact, making them one-use items.