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Moon Maiden.
Neutral Good Animal, Charm, Darkness, Magic, Travel Also known as the tripple goddess, Salmutha embodies the maiden, the crone, and the warrior. When the moon is full, she embodies the Maiden and teaches her followers to be gentle and loving. The new moon brings out the Crone which is a reminder that death comes to all. She teaches the wisdom to know when the end is come. The rest of the time she is the Warrior, battleing between life and death. She teaches that life is a strugle and things are seldom what they appear. Her clerics tend to take one aspect as their main focus. They seldom stay in one place for long and often travel far in their service to the goddess. Her favored weapon is the Battleaxe.
Honored Crone
Chaotic Good Community, Healing, Plant, Protection Consort of Vruudash and mother to the other Orcish deities, Vrilga represents the nurturing side of Orcish society associated with fertility, healing, and hearth. Her clerics tend to the wounded from battles, care for children, attend childbirths, and teach the new generations their place in society. In the nomadic societies of the orcs, her clerics offer the stability and planning that allows the various tribes to survive their warlike natures. Her favored weapon is the Mace.
"The Stranger" Lawful Neutral Death, Disease, Knowledge, Law, Magic His origin's are a mystery but somehow the entity known only as "The Stranger" has attached himself to the dark core of every orc's nightmares. He is the dark edge of fear. He is the burning light that shines on the lies all beings tell themselves. He is the thing that waits beyond the endless night. The Stranger is a mixture of "boogy man" and great confessor of the orchish pantheon. His clerics are seldom seen but often feared in orcish society. Thiers is the task to seek out the falsehoods and bring wasting death to those who would betray their own.
Neutral Air, Artifice, Earth, Fire, Strength, Sun, Water The leader of the Orcish Pantheon, Vruudash is a distant and often unresponsive deity. Born from the raw elements of nature, he sees his children as wardens of the world. He expects his followers to feel the power of nature unbridled and control elemental forces. Orcs are his only concern and he does not deem other races worthy of his attention or pity. His favored weapon is a Longspear.
The Grasswarder
Chaotic Neutral Celerity, Luck, Strength, Travel Ever restless, Prodis is embodies the very spirit of wanderlust. The orcs of Traykon have been granted this deity's desire for travel and his constant drive to reach the horizon. Few orcs escape his gift and choose to live sedentary lives. His clerics are those who range far from the shelters of their kin to find new places often untouched by the tread of humanoids. Some consider Prodis a regional deity whose domain encompases the entirety of the Northern Steppes of Traykon. Although this region is where his worship is most obvious, all orcs have some portion of Prodis's wanderlust deep in their blood. His favored weapon is a Quarterstaff.
Lord of War
Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War The stereotype that all orcs are brutish savages does not hold true for the followers of Rhogan. He teaches that the mind is another weapon and must be strong as well. His clerics and followers are the war leaders, the generals, and even the great heroes of orc society. His followers believe mindless destruction and warfare will lead to the destruction of orc society. It is their responsibility to temper the minds of the warriors as a smith tempers a blade. His favored weapon is a Greatsword.
Neutral Evil Darkness, Evil, Ice, Trickery, Weather Eloro covets his father's power and seeks to take his place as patron of orcs. He embodies the icy storms and treacherous darkness that descends on the tribes of orcs and strikes fear into thier hearts. His clerics are feared but respected for their power although they are never welcomed to stay with a tribe for long. Their nature is dark and treachery fills their hearts. Often they will seek to bring down the leaders of an orcish clan to seat one more sympathetic to their god in his place. They curse their enemies with harsh winters which often brings the savage creatures of the wild close to orcish society in search of food and prey. Erolo is the patron of assassins and those who do their work in the shadows. His favored weapon is the Short Sword.
Savage Fury
Chaotic Evil Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength Born to destroy, Harzdolkar is the god of mindless brutality. Where Rhogan is the sharp point of the blade in battle, Harzdolkar is the blunt edge of the hammer who smashes all in his path. Nothing is more important to his followers than raw, savage power. Despite his brutish and blunt nature, Harzdolkar is intelligent enough to teach his followers their place in the heirarchy of battle. His clerics teach that it is the job of the soldier to follow the word of the leader. As sure as gravity draws the hammer down, the followers of Harzdolkar will follow the will of their leaders with an unswearving brutish determination. Their lives mean little compared to the thrill of bringing destruction and death to their enemies. His favored weapon is the Great Axe.